Hengguang Li


Active grants

  1. NSF Grant DMS-1418853 (sole PI), National Science Foundation, 2014-2018.

  2. NSFC Grant 11628104 (lead PI), National Natural Science Foundation of China, 2016-2018.

  3. Career Development Chair Award (sole PI), Wayne State University, 2017-2019.

Past grants

  1. Grants Plus Award (sole PI), Wayne State University, 2015-2017.

  2. IMA General Membership, Institute of Mathematics and its Applications, 2016.

  3. U.S. Air Force Faculty Fellowship, Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR), 2015.

  4. Third Annual Research Cluster Grant (lead PI), Silicon Mechanics, 2014.

  5. NSF Grant DMS-1158839 (sole PI), National Science Foundation, 2011-2015.

  6. University Research Grant (sole PI), Wayne State University, 2013-2015.

  7. Fan China Exchange Grant (sole PI), American Mathematical Society, 2013-2014.

  8. Wayne State University Startup Fund, 2011-2013.